Seoul, Korea - Convened at a time of heightened global concerns about security, UPF's World Summit 2014, August 9-13, addressed issues of peace, security and development. Delegates from 70 nations listened to heads and state and government and first ladies, as well as distinguished leaders from civil society, religion and the private sector, address the issues from national, regional and global perspectives.

For the procedings of the conference, held at the Millennium Seoul Hilton Hotel, with links to presentations, click the link below.

World Summit 2014: Peace, Security, and Human Development

Organized by the Universal Peace Federation with co-sponsors and partners: Family Federation for World Peace and Unification, Women's Federation for World Peace, The Washington Times Foundation, Segye Times

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[All presentations are in English, unless otherwise noted.]

August 9-13, 2014


Opening Banquet

Emcee: Mrs. Genie Kagawa, Executive Office Director, UPF International

Invocation: Bishop Floyd Nelson, International Bible Way Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ, USA


Dr. Thomas G. Walsh, President, Universal Peace Federation

Sra. Graciela Rompani de Pacheco, President, Ventura Grameen, Uruguay [text in Spanish]

Hon. Yoshinori Ohno, Former Minister of Defense, Japan [video]

Hon. Jose C. de Venecia, Jr., Founding Chairman and Co-chairman, International Conference of Asian Political Parties Standing Committee, Philippines [video]


Opening Plenary: Global Assembly

Chair: Dr. Thomas G. Walsh, President, Universal Peace Federation

Interfaith Prayers:

Ven. Kotapitiye Rahula, Buddhism

Rev. Dr. William A. McComish, Christianity

Ven. Dae Bong Kang, Confucianism

Acharya Dr. Muni Lokprakash Lokesh, Jainism

Rabbi Dr. Edgar Alan Pochne Nof, Judaism

Welcome Remarks: Dr. Charles S. Yang, Chairman, Universal Peace Federation

Statement: H.E. Boutros Boutros-Ghali, Former UN Secretary-General, Egypt

Welcome Remarks: Prof. Yeon Ah Choi Moon, President, Women's Federation for World Peace International [video]

Statement: H.E. Nassir Abdulaziz Al-Nasser, United Nations High Representative for the Alliance of Civilizations

Introduction to the Founder's Address: Mrs. Sun Jin Moon, Director General, Family Federation for World Peace and Unification International

Founder’s Address: Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon [text in French, Spanish], read by Mrs. Sun Jin Moon

Session II - IV Photos

Session II: Global Assembly: Keynote Speakers

The keynote speakers will address the overall theme of the World Summit, “Peace, Security and Human Development,” offering their reflections, insights, and recommendations concerning the critical issues facing their nation, their region, and the world. At a time when our world is challenged on many fronts, keynote speakers are encouraged to recommend best practices that contribute to peace and stability, taking into account not only the role of governments, but also civil society, the private sector, and the spheres of ethics and religion.

H.E. Amb. Noel Gordon Sinclair, Deputy Chef de Cabinet, Office of the President of the General Assembly, United Nations [video]

H.E. Zivko Budimir, President, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina [video]

H.M. King Letsie III, Head of State, Lesotho [video]

H.H. Tui Atua Tupua Tamasese Efi, Head of State, Samoa

Hon. D. M. Jayaratne, Prime Minister, Sri Lanka [PowerPoint]

H.E. Kay Rala Xanana Gusmão, Prime Minister, Timor-Leste

Session III: Global Assembly: Keynote Speakers

Chair: Mr. Tageldin Hamad, Secretary General, Universal Peace Federation


Amb. Anwarul K. Chowdhury, Former Under Secretary-General and High Representative for the Least Developed Countries, United Nations

Adi Koila Mara Nailatikau, First Lady, Fiji

Mrs. Lieom Anono Loeak, First Lady, Marshall Islands

H.H. Whatumoana Paki, Maori Prince, Kiingitanga, New Zealand [PowerPoint]

Mrs. Tunu Rehani Pinda, Wife of the Prime Minister, Tanzania

Session IV: Peace and Development: Focus on the Americas and the Legacy of Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon and Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon

The Americas represent a diverse range of countries, cultures and peoples who reside in nations from Argentina in the south to Canada in the north. While the USA has been the traditional super-power of the region, recent trends in globalization, a global shift toward the Asia Pacific region, the rise of the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) are changing the dynamics in the Americas. What are the prospects for greater regional cooperation and integration? What is the ongoing significance of the legacy of Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon in the Americas?

Chair: Mr. Ricardo de Sena, Regional Secretary General, UPF-North America


H.E. Julio Maria Sanguinetti, President (1985-90, 1995-2000), Uruguay [text in Spanish]

Hon. Dan Burton, Member (1983-2013), US Congress [video]

Dr. Luis Federico Franco Gómez, President (2012-13), Paraguay [text, PowerPoint and video in Spanish]

Mr. Larry Beasley, President, The Washington Times, USA

Dr. Michael Balcomb, President, FFWPU USA

Mrs. Alexa Ward, International Vice President, Women’s Federation for World Peace, USA


Session V - VIII Photos

Session V: Peace and Development: Focus on Europe and Eurasia

Europe and Eurasia represent two major economic, political, and military power blocs in our world. Three of the five permanent members of the Security Council are included in these regions. The European Union, and more recently the efforts to form a Eurasian economic union, illustrate trends toward integration. At the same time, there are very serious obstacles to peace, most notably the recent conflict in Ukraine. Keynote speakers will address the critical issues facing these regions and offer recommendations for promoting peace, security and development.

Chair: Mr. Mark P. Brann, Regional Secretary General, UPF-Europe


H.E. Prof. Stanislav S. Shushkevich, Chairman (1991-94), Supreme Council, Belarus

Hon. Madame Erna Hennicot-Schoepges, Former President of Parliament, Luxembourg

H.E. Rahim Alievich Huseynov, Prime Minister (1992-93), Azerbaijan

H.E. Dr. Fatmir Sejdiu, President (2006-10), Kosovo

Dr. Anatoly Tolstoukhov, Former Cabinet Minister, Ukraine

Ms. Silja Dogg Gunnarsdottir, Deputy Speaker, Icelandic Parliament

Session VI: Peace and Development: Focus on Africa and the Middle East

Africa and the Middle East are two of the most dynamic regions of the world, both undergoing rapid modernization, while at the same time facing serious challenges and destabilizing conflicts. What are the most critical issues facing these regions, and what is needed to assure peace, security and human development?

Chair: Mr. Adama Doumbia, Regional Secretary General, UPF-Africa


H.E. Amb. Antonio Tete, Permanent Observer Mission of the African Union to the United Nations [video]

H.E. Prof. Dioncounda Traore, President (2012-13), Mali [text in French]

H.E. Dr. Mary Mbiro Khimulu, Member of the Council of UNESCO’s International Fund for the Promotion of Culture

Rabbi Dr. Edgar Alan Pochne Nof, Bridges for Hope, Israel [PowerPoint]

Dr. Michael W. Jenkins, Steering Committee, UPF Middle East Peace Initiative, USA [video]

Session VII: Peace and Development: Focus on the Asia-Pacific Region

Increasingly we recognize a shift in economic, political and even military power toward Asia and the Pacific regions. The USA, for example, has initiated a stronger “pivot” toward Asia, in light of developments that have transpired in the post-Cold War era. Of course, this shift is not without its tensions and challenges. The Korean peninsula remains a dangerous flashpoint, and territorial disputes are widespread in the eastern seas. How can peace, security and development be secured in the midst of the momentous transition that is underway?

Chair: Mrs. Ursula MacLackland, Regional Secretary General, UPF-Asia


Prof. Georgy Toloraya, Director, East Asia Section, Institute of Economy, Russian Academy of Science

Dr. Byung Su Kim, Vice Chair, World Peace Tunnel Foundation, Korea

Amb. Tetsuya Endo, Former Ambassador for Japan-North-Korea Relations, Japan [PowerPoint]

Dr. Shinichiro Nagano, Professor Emeritus, Daito Bunka University, Japan [PowerPoint]

Dr. Balmiki Prasad Singh, Former Governor, Sikkim, India

Dr. B. K. Modi, Founder and Chairman, Global Citizen Forum, Singapore [video]

Session VIII: The Relevance of Religion for Peace and Development

Our world today is characterized by a resurgence of religion. Increasingly the governments of the world, and the United Nations, are aware of the importance of interfaith dialogue to promote better interfaith and intrafaith relations. Religions teach the highest and most cherished ideals, and there are billions of followers of the various religions all over the world. At the same time, interreligious conflict is a destabilizing force in global affairs. How can religions’ capacities for peace be better utilized and encouraged? What best practices may be imitate?

Chair: Mr. David Fraser Harris, Regional Secretary General, UPF-Middle East


Ven. Kotapitiye Rahula, Professor, University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka [PowerPoint]

Acharya Dr. Muni Lokprakash Lokesh, Founding President, Ahimsa Vishwa Bharti, India

Dr. Anthony Mansour, Director, North American Academy of Ecumenists, Canada

Dr. Julio Schlosser, President, Delegation of Argentine Jewish Associations, Argentina [text and video in Spanish]

Bishop Floyd Nelson, International Bible Way Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ, USA [video]

Rabbi Richard Gamboa, Secretary General, Colombian Assembly of Religions and Spiritualities, Colombia [text and video in Spanish]

Rev. Dr. William A. McComish, Dean Emeritus, Geneva Cathedral; President, Geneva Spiritual Appeal Association, Switzerland


Founder’s Memorial Program

Hon. Nam Kyung-pil, Governor, Gyeong-gi Province, Republic of Korea

Hon. Dan Burton, Member (1983-2013), US Congress

Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon: "Forgive, Love, Unite"

Founder’s Memorial Luncheon

Amb. Chung Tae Ik, Chairman, Korean Council on Foreign Relations

H.E. Dr. Julio Maria Sanguinetti, President (1985-1990, 1995-2000), Uruguay

Closing Dinner


Hon. Gina de Venecia, Congresswoman, House of Representatives, Philippines

Amb. Tatsuo Mizuno, Former Ambassador to Nepal, Japan

H.E. Maria do Carmo Trovoada Silveira, Prime Minister (2005-06), Sao Tome and Principe [text in Portuguese]